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Jan 3, 2005
Is this it?

The heart is slow to learn

The heart is slow to learn

These feelings that I feel

are foolish, but they're real


I'm wise enough to see

this love will never be

But each day's like the last

when living in the past


I know it's mad

and you won't return

But then, as I have said

The heart is slow to learn


I'll never love

as I loved you

Why is love cruel?

I wish I knew



It was started with hesitation

for the differences is far above the flirtation


But my mom often said: "You'll never know if you won't try"

So I've tried.  Lord knows I've tried.


Obstacles were seen as challenges

Trying hard to be the best, and find ways

Trying hard to give support, and create opened doors


But Lord, what a weak creature You have created!

Within a blast my energy has ceased to last.

Don't seem to have any strength to move on

Worried if it would only hurt the loved one


Why Lord, why?

Love can grow, but the need doesn't follow?


Would it be love, without the need?

Take care, take care of him,  Im worried.

If today is really the furthest we can go, Lord, I have prayed

For there'll be someone whos needing him as much as being needed.


Lord, save him.

Blame me.


(with an apology conveyed to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, for using the lyric of The Heart Is Slow To Learn to represent my feeling)

Posted at 11:59 pm by baskinrobbins

June 19, 2005   01:41 AM PDT
Ah, JAKA dear, ternyata kamu sampai juga ke 'bawah' sini :)

Well, sometimes swallowing is, indeed, not that easy ;)
May 23, 2005   07:49 PM PDT
Isn't it funny how old lyrics sound differrent with differrent situations?

Old words sounds magically new,
when ur in "that" frame of mind?

I feel this song..... beautiful..... :)

A wise friend of mine said: To be happy simply just for the notion of being together is a selfish act.
Love is not possession....

Another old cliche that needs hard swallowing.... :p
January 11, 2005   08:48 PM PST
hi...jarang1 nih cowok tp blognya ngepink gini :)
January 6, 2005   03:00 PM PST
Mmmm....R u really Sir Lloyd Webber? Because you sound more like the convent's Mother Superior in 'Sound of Music' :)

Thank you, Mother Superior...
Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber
January 6, 2005   11:49 AM PST
absolutely, you may quote, fully or some partly, any of my song for that is what my songs are for, representing various feelings we sometime can't decipher in words. glad i can somehow help, dear child.

as my old buddy rio used to say, human is basically selfish, we try to seek our happiness by finding someone to fulfill our needs. but in a world full of selfish people, what counts is our efforts to 'not be selfish' by trying to fulfill the needs of others, our loved one(s)-well, one never really sure how many one may give, don't we? *wink*

hence, dear, the word effort itself implies the existence of energy for no effort is to carry out without the strength, the energy to perform it.

and as my other dear old buddy einstein said, energy is a relativity, my dear. so, your effort, your love, it is not simply vaporising like a dew in the morning sun, it only changes shape.

it may return to its previous shape when the night falls and the cold air of morning freeze the hot air and turn it into the beautifully sparkling enchanting dew.

be patient, child.

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