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Jun 29, 2006

I am sorryÖ..


If I havenít responded to your shout at my tagboard

If you havenít seen me at your blog for quite long


Iím not in my hiatus

Nothing bad is happening to me (thank You, God)

Iím not losing my interest in blogging

Iím not losing my desire to see you guys on the net


Itísjust thatÖ.


I still donít have internet access in my new workplace! :(


The approval to have one has to go all the way to the Big Apple

And it might take a ( G R E A T ) while

And even if I manage get one, still no access to blogs and personal email account


SoÖ.just wish me the best of luck, please? :)

Posted at 07:17 pm by baskinrobbins

December 15, 2006   12:59 PM PST
uh..tempat ini sepertinya udah lama gak dihuni..
October 4, 2006   08:51 AM PDT
err... kcian deh kantor loe...

tp tetap semangat di bulan ramadhan kannn?
Haucuen a.k.a Moi
September 2, 2006   04:46 PM PDT
Here goes...

I'm in the office and answering your hiatus...

Hmmmm, TI Priviledge kah? :P
July 28, 2006   10:17 PM PDT
July 28,
Thanks emailnya Pram (ttg telpon itu lho),
sorry gangguin mulu neh gw
mangkaning I-Banker tea atuh euy
meuni sibuk kitu nyak,...

salam juga buat doi

slamat kerja lagi deh...

July 18, 2006   04:11 PM PDT
aku doain deh mas
tetap semangat err menunggu yah
July 17, 2006   03:39 PM PDT
Duh! Kerja dimana seh! Kelurahan?????????
July 12, 2006   10:43 PM PDT
Pram, THANKS udah dicheck-in emailnya

aduh karasa ngeganggu-an, mangkaning anjeun teh keur sibuk
finalizing sidang + gawe di kantor

sararukses we kituh kang,...

July 7, 2006   08:05 PM PDT
I heard that working at siti may be prevented from browsing uneccessary sites :) - there goes your real hiatus :D

may the warnet works fine with you...hugs from west africa, indeed.
July 1, 2006   10:53 AM PDT
They say:
When there's a will, there's a way.

What happened to warnet? :)
July 1, 2006   04:19 AM PDT
ck ck ck city bankers
duuh mis cici

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